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Duration: January 20 and/or 21 to February 17 and/or 18 (Dates can and will vary depending on leap years and the Procession of the Equinoxes).

Aquarius, the Water Bearer (also sometimes called the Wisdom Bearer), is the eleventh sign and are considered the most mature intelligence-wise. the second to last zodiac sign in the cycle, therefore, they also tend to possess some traits of the all the zodiac signs preceding them similarly to Pisces; although Pisces is considered the most mature emotion-wise.

Aquarius does indeed have emotions (and albeit frightening whether on purpose or by accident) but unlike the rest of the signs they tend to show their emotions by being friendly and helpful to others since they can't necessarily communicate their emotions through their words. However, Aquarius can become extremely emotional almost as much as Scorpio in a sense, but instead of telling others and asking them for help, they instead will seek a place to be desolated at or be in high-guarded privacy from others so they can release and balance their emotions in secrecy. They need to find the perfect soul mate if they want to learn how to properly convey their emotions towards others.

Aquarius is very loyal, trustworthy, honest, and dependable. They will keep the secrets that others tell them locked down tight and will never tell anyone else unless are they are given permission and allowed to. However, if they find you to be manipulative, rude, or somehow hostile towards others, then they will spill your secrets to others as a form of payback.

Aquarians and Aquarius represents the Aqe of Aquarius: the uplifting and peaceful transformation of (yet possibly) political and social upheaval and chaos to break down opression, repression, and supression of current day and outdated authority and regulations; the end result would be to replace those with new systems of order and beliefs for all humanity to equally live in peace and prosperity in futuristic and utopian togetherness with the idealistic unity of the masses.

Duration: January 20 and/or 21 to February 17 and/or 18 (Dates can and will vary depending on leap years and the Procession of the Equinoxes).Hous e: 11th House of Friendships, Humanitarianism, Visionaries, and Revolutiona

Aquarius, or the Water Bearer, is the 11th sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are known for being intelligent, innovative, and honest, but on the negative side being unemotional, rebellious, and unpredictable.

Aquarius is also frequented as having the shortest duration out of all the Zodiac Signs due to its location in mid Winter and its relatively short length ranging from January 21 to February 17 as its shortest timeframe, to throughout January 20 to February 18 as its longest timeframe.

Aquarians are New Age people who like to try new ways of doing things.