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Zodiac Symbol: Crab
Birth Dates: June 19 - July 22
Constellation: Cancer
Nature: Emotional, loving, caring, compassionate, and emotional beings
Element: Water
Quality: Cardinal
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Season: Summer solstice
Ruling Planet: Moon
House: 4th house
Tarot Card: Chariot Card
Body Part: Breasts, Breastbone, stomach, digestive system, lower ribs, womb and pancreas
Countries: Holland(Netherlands), USA, Paraguay, Scotland, New Zealand
Cities: Amsterdam, Manchester, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Tokyo, Venice, York
Colors: White and silver
Numbers: 2, 7, and 9 lucky numbers
Day: Sunday and Monday
Gem: Ruby
Metal: Elegant silver
Animals: Crab
Flowers: White roses
Herbs: Sage, Aloe, Lemon balm, Bay, Parsley
Keywords: Cancer the crab caring, sensitive
Quote: The most caring person you will ever meet
Meditation: Body scan

Cancers are the Caretakers of the zodiac. They have very similar motherly and fatherly like characteristics. As a water sign, their emotions flow with them in whatever they do. It seems as if almost nothing can offend a cancer. When they are angered they show it in the most harmless way possible. That does not mean cancers are weak and are incapable of taking care of business, though cancers don’t usually want to be involved with conflict. Like their symbol, the crab, they are very shy when first interacted with and will usually stay hidden under their shell. Though, once you stay long enough around them and wait for them to come out of their shell, they will open up to you. As a Friend, they are the most sympathetic, sensual, faithful, caring, and loving. Though when things just don’t go right they can be moody and over-reactive. They will show their other side of crabbiness. If you know what I mean. Haha, just kidding. Cancers are the cardinal sign of the water signs, they can be a good leader if needed; they are protective and helpful. As the caretakers, they are known to nurture many of those who come across to meet them. They listen to their heart no matter what. Once their intuition tells them something they will listen. Like most water signs, their intuitions are powerful.

They also have the best memories they will never forget anything, whether good or bad. Cancers are the most underestimated zodiac signs but don't underestimate them they are tough and you better beware. They can sting like a bee, and the same goes for becoming a crab's friend. They'll never forget it and will be sure to pay you back one day.

When looking for a partner, a cancer needs someone who's a strong protecter. Someone who won't leave their side and who can be their support for all the emotions that swell up inside them. Cancers do so much nurturing that they also need to be nurtured themselves and that's just what a great partner can do for them. Cancers relate to crabs and to their nature, Crabs don’t socialize to others too often…. and need privacy, Cancers need privacy, Other Energetic signs won’t do for Cancer, Serious zodiacs like Scorpio would do

Compatible: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, and Pisces

Incompatible: Sagittarius, Aquarius, Libra, Aries

Positive Personality Traits Edit[]

  • Spontaneous: The power to think and act spontaneously is a major guiding force for a Cancer-born, and more than reasoning, they rely on their intuition for taking decisions.
  • Protective: Cancer-born individuals are greatly protective of their personal area, interests, belongings, relationships and loved ones and other people who are in need.
  • Shrewd and Sensitive: they are very shrewd and very cautious of their surroundings, they are also sensitive to the needs of others.
  • Nurturing and Empathic: One of Cancers best qualities is that they can make others feel loved and wanted and make themselves feel good, their words can make you feel proud of yourself but same goes being Cancer's enemy, they can cut you deeply with their words.
  • Emotional: Cancer-born are quite emotional people, but at times they might appear icy, detached, aloof and separated. They sympathise with other people and love to take care of them.

Negative Personality Traits: Edit[]

  • Unpredictable Behaviour: They have unstable moods and unpredictable behaviour which confuses others.
  • Moody: the Crabs can be very temperamental and their mood swings are quite unpredictable, which may become overwhelming for the people around them.
  • Manipulative: sometimes nurturing others can be too much that can lead to controlling, Manipulating with their strong sense of Intuition is one of Cancer's "hidden abilities"
  • Pessimistic: They can easily get bogged down by setbacks and failures. It is observed that the Cancer natives are prone to pessimism.
  • Suspicious: Cancer-born individuals are inclined to doubt people’s intentions as they carry an imaginary fear, and so they cross-check everything.
  • Clingy: This is their typical characteristic. The Cancer natives find it difficult to let go of things close to their heart, and hence, they find it difficult to look beyond the imperfections and move on.
  • Self-Absorbed: they care so much about their feelings sometimes they aren't realizing they are hurting others, they can sometimes be selfish.