• Constellation:— Gemini
  • Symbol:— Twins 
  • Element:— Air
  • Nakshatras:— Mrigshira; Arudra
  • Ruling Planet:— Mercury
  • House:— Third House 
  • Body Part:— Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Lungs, Nervous system
  • Colours:— green, white
  • Day:— Wednesday 
  • Gem:— Agate 
  • Keywords:— Communicable, Versatile
  • Quote:— I THINK

Gemini can be the Air Heads of the zodiac. Get it? Because they’re an air sign.

Actually, Gemini are the complete opposites of an airhead. Their minds are filled with all kinds of things. As an air sign they associate a lot with the mind. They are the most curious of the zodiac and love to search for knowledge though with a bit of playfulness and wit. They are also the most talkative of the zodiac and are the kings and queens for communication skills.They are great in using creative ways of language. They love mental games and need a lot of stimulation.

When you deal with a gemini, you have two mouths to feed. They symbolize as the twins. Most of the time they are never boring or bored. They have a diverse taste for various things  Whether its about sports, music, food, travel, fashion, almost anything. They know something about everything but not everything of something. This can make them be viewed as superficial or flighty. Gemini can be a bit scatterbrained at times and easily distracted. As the twins you can be seen with multiple personalities since they love variety so much. This makes others believe that they are “two-faced” which they are but not in the way you think.

Gemini's are usually adaptable. They try to adapt to their surroundings to suit their needs and needs of others. So Gemini usually act in a way that adapts with the people that they associate with in a way that suits with that person’s needs. So no, they aren’t liars and two-faced backstabbers. Any sign can be that way if they choose to. Gemini is the mutable sign.  A mutable sign is a sign that deals with change, They are the chameleons of each element, able to shift into many forms, and take on different personas. They usually end something in order to change it, which gemini is a mastermind of. Just as Cardinal signs starts something, Fixed signs keeps those things in place, and Mutable signs ends it in order to change it. Geminis are the most versatile and can carry around many friends. Their goal is to lead a very diverse life full of exciting and interesting elements. Gemini's usually lead a unique life and can bring memorable moments to the friends they meet along  their journey. When looking for a partner, Gemini is not interested in a partner’s physical attributes. As long as you have strong  intellect and can play with the Gemini’s mind with intriguing and stimulating games, he/she will fall head over heels for you. They love someone for their brains.

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