Pitru dosha (also known as pitr dosh, pitru dosh, or pitr dosha) is a very intense dosha (negative effect) that affects a person's family life, marriage prospects and progeny.

Pitru dosha is believed by Hindus to be the karmic penalty that one suffers from having practised black magic and used it to harm others in a past life, or having ancestors who practised extremely evil deeds.

At the very least, it is said to result in difficulties in one's relations with family, and can even result in deformed offpspring or the inability to conceive children eventually resulting in the extinction of one's bloodline.

Combinations leading to pitru dosha and their effectsEdit

  • Venus, Saturn and/or Rahu in V: malefic effects from Sun.
  • Ketu in IV: malefic results from Moon.
  • Mercury or Ketu in I, IIX: inauspicious effects from Mars
  • Moon in III, VI: malefic effects from Mercury
  • Venus, Mercury and/or Rahu in II, V, IX, XII: inauspicious effects from Jupiter.
  • Sun, Moon and/or Rahu in VII: inauspecious and malefic results from Venus.
  • Sun, Moon and/or Mars in X or XI: inauspicious and malefic results from Saturn.
  • Sun and.or Venus in XII: inauspicious effects from Rahu
  • Moon and/or Mars in VI: bad results from Ketu.

The negative effects of these planets must be gauged by taking into consideration how the planets are placed and what signs they are occupying in both lagna varga AND the navamsa.

Remedies for pitr doshaEdit

Ritualistic and/or magical remedies aside (such as gemstones, geomantic positioning and the use of talismans called yantras), the most common solution proffered by most astrologers is the obsevation of filial piety AND not neglect rituals and prayers to bless and commemorate one's ancestors, regardless of religion.


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