Vedic signsEdit

Zodiac signs in Vedic Astrology are called Rāśi.

Number Sanskrit Translit. San. symbol Western equiv. Tattva (Element) Quality Ruling Planet
1 मेष Meṣa ram Aries Tejas (Fire) Cara (Movable) Mars
2 वृषभ Vṛṣabha bull Taurus Prithivi (Earth) Sthira (Fixed) Venus
3 मिथुन Mithuna twins Gemini Vayu (Air) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Mercury
4 कर्कट Karkaṭa crab Cancer Jala (Water) Cara (Movable) Moon
5 सिंह Siṃha lion Leo Tejas (Fire) Sthira (Fixed) Sun
6 कन्या Kanyā girl Virgo Prithivi (Earth) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Mercury
7 तुला Tulā balance Libra Vayu (Air) Cara (Movable) Venus
8 वृश्चिक Vṛścika scorpion Scorpio Jala (Water) Sthira (Fixed) Mars
9 धनुष Dhanus bow Sagittarius Tejas (Fire) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Jupiter
10 मकर Makara sea-monster Capricorn Prithivi (Earth) Cara (Movable) Saturn
11 कुम्भ Kumbha pitcher Aquarius Vayu (Air) Sthira (Fixed) Saturn
12 मीन Mīna fish Pisces Jala (Water) Dvisvabhava (Dual) Jupiter

Vedic housesEdit

Zodiac houses in Vedic Astrology are called Bhāva.

Number Sans. Translit. Condition Governs Influences
1 Tana Body the limbs, head (peripherals) Nature, appearance, health, character, purpose, behavior, birth
2 Dhana Wealth the speech Wealth, family, comforts, education, inheritance, assets
3 Sahaja Brother the hands, arms, shoulders Younger siblings, communication, intelligence, artistic, journeys, prowess
4 Griha House the chest Mother, emotions, education, home, property, old age, vehicles
5 Sut Son the belly Children, lovers, recreation, devotion, gambling, accumulated karma
6 Shatru Enemy the small intestine Disease, Maternal uncle/aunt, litigation, servitude, worries, enemies, foreigners
7 Patni Spouse the groin Business partner, death, respect, passion
8 Mṛtiyu Death Excretory organs, sexual organs and sexual attractiveness Longevity, obstacles, suffering, occult, dowry, inheritance, imprisonment, accidents
9 Dharma Religion virtue Father, luck, higher learning, philosophy, guru, prosperity, travel
10 Karma Actions the knees Profession, class, power, ancestors, government, clothes, commerce
11 Āaya Income the calves, shins, ankles Socials, hopes, earnings, Elder siblings, Daughter/Son-in-law
12 Vyaya Expenses the feet Sleep, sexuality, spirituality, pilgrimage, secret enemies, imprisonment, hospitals, asylums, liberation, loss, foreign residency

Vedic planetsEdit

Astrological planets in Vedic Astrology are called Navagraha.

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