Zodiac Symbol: Virgin, Virgin Maiden
Birth Dates: 8/23 or 8/24 - 9/22 or 9/23
Constellation: Virgo
Nature: Yin
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Orientation: Interpersonal
Season: Summer
Ruling Planet: Mercury (ancient), Ceres (modern)
House: Sixth House
Tarot Card: The Hermit
Body Part: Lower Intestines and Colon, Nervous System
Countries: Brazil, Crete, Greece, Turkey, Uruguay, West Indies
Cities: Athens, Boston, Corinth, Heidelburg, Paris, Strasbourg
Colors: Blue, Beige
Numbers: 3, 5, 8
Day: Wednesday
Gem: Sapphire, Jasper
Metal: Mercury
Animals: Small domestic pets
Flowers: Morning Glory, Pansy, Nut-bearing Trees
Herbs: Cat's Ear, Crosswort
Keywords: Discrimination, Perfection, Analysis, Conscientousness, Service, Purity, Crystallization
Meditation: I can allow time for myself
Virgo (♍) is the sixth astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Virgo. It comes after Leo and before Libra. The sun transits this areaon average between August 23 and September 22.

Virgo is an earth sign along with Taurus and capricorn. The symbol of the virgin maiden is based on Astraea the celestial virgin, she was the last of immortals to live with humans during the Golden Age but she abandoned the earth because she could not stand the wickedness of humanity. Virgos are mostly compatible with Capricorns, Taurus, and Cancer. People of this sign are hardworking perfectionists with critical tendencies. They are very hardworking and organized about work. But can be critical about life and fussy about food and sometimes overly-fanatical about cleanliness. 

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