The Gospel of Mark and the zodiacEdit

The Gospel of Mark is refering to the zodiac signs and represents the spiritual evolution of a human being.

In the first three chapters, Jesus is baptized and begins his ministry as Aries, the spring sign, begins the year. Jesus takes on the Pharisees with vigor and courage and John the Baptist is enthusiast (all Aries qualities).

 In chapter 4, the parable of the sower stress two Taurus qualities: steadfastness and stability.

 In chapter 5, the cure of the demoniac man is a reference to split personalities and to Gemini. There is also two miracles in one story (Jaïros daughter). In chapter 6, Jesus is sending the apostle two by two and the hesitation of Herod to kill John is also a reference to Gemini.

 In chapter 7, Jesus is making a tortuous journey, it shows a crab-like movement, a reference to the cancer and the passage of the summer solstice.

 The chapter 9 shows the transfiguration and the glory of Jesus, a reference to Leo.

 The Virgo sign is symbolic of harvest and rebirth and in chapter 10 Jesus say: « anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter. »

 In chapter 10, Jesus speaks of two themes related to Libra: divorce and wealth. In chapter 11, the fig tree is a tree which gives fruits in September and October.

 In chapter 12, the parables of the wicked husbandmen and the resurrection of the dead are a reference to Scorpio (mentioned in Luc 11:12).

 In chapter 11, Jesus enters Jerusalem on a colt, a reference to Sagittarius.

 In chapter 13, there is the winter, it’s a reference to Capricorn and the winter solstice.

 In 14:13, Mark wrote: « a man carrying a jar of water », a reference to Aquarius.

 The last chapters are a reference to Pisces, in 24:42-43, Luke wrote that Jesus ate a fish.

 Bibliography:  The Gospel and the Zodiac: The Secret Truth About Jesus, Bill Darlison (2007)